Our People


Bringing our purpose to life.

"Animal Health’s mission is something I always wanted to be a part of. Imagine you get to do something that is so meaningful; there’s no better place to be."

Marta Nowak, Tenders Manager, Intergovernmental Veterinary Health

"My philosophy behind this job is the same as it was when I entered practice – and that is ‘your livelihood, our responsibility."

Tim Parks, D.V.M., U.S. Cattle Technical Services Veterinarian

"Developing and motivating people is what I like. Getting results and keeping people happy at work is what motivates me."

Saskia Dijcks Pharmaceutical Operations and Improvement Lead

"I'm not a scientist, but I believe I'm part of what George Merck said: 'Bring good medicine to people.' I'm doing that in my own way."

Kevin Brown, Director, U.S. Distributor Initiatives

"When new diseases emerge, we try to find new products as quickly as possible. And we manage to bring them to the market in a very short timeline. I’m really proud of that."

Niels de Haas, Manager, Global Animal Health Manufacturing

"When you think about diseases and how they can cause harm to the food chain, you realize that we provide a ton of value to farmers. We help ensure a healthy and safe way for consumers to get the nutrition they need."

Nick Nohling, Associate Director, Strategy

"To work with animals and with those who care for animals makes for such a fulfilling career."

Ron McDaniel, Director, U.S. Equine Sales

"The development of vaccines is a very interesting field because it is three-dimensional. It combines the scientific world, saving lives, and the agricultural business itself."

Jacco Heldens, Director, Network Strategy and Integration, Animal Health Manufacturing

"Trust is critical because we ensure that the customer receives our product at the same quality every time they buy it, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or 5 years from now."

Parul Upadhya, Director of Quality Assurance Global Quality Team

"Animals are an integral part of how we live and how we enjoy life. Being able to combine that with how I work in my professional life is very exciting."

Eric Johnson, Retail Marketing Manager, Retail Initiatives

"I love what I do. I am part of a legacy of changing lives and making lives more positive for people in agriculture."

Dr. Alexandra Reilley, Technical Services Veterinarian, US Poultry Team

"We strengthen the bond between a pet and their parent by extending the pet's life and the quality of life from our products."

Mario Cabrera, Executive Director, US Marketing, Companion Animal & Equine

"Seeing one of my products go out the door makes me feel like Superman disguised in the lobby because I know it’s going to help save an animal’s life."

Cody VanCleave, Senior Territory Manager, Companion Animal

"I knew great things were going to happen when I joined this company. There are so many health threats out there, and we can help reduce their impact."

Marta Nowak, Tenders Manager, Intergovernmental Veterinary Health