Parasite infestations are devastating to animals.

Merck Animal Health promotes a comprehensive approach to the control of endo- and ecto-parasites to help veterinarians and farmers establish effective parasite management programs to protect the well-being of the herd.

Below is a brief overview of key products the parasite control platform has to offer.

  • BUTOX®: For prevention and treatment of flies, lice, keds and ticks on cattle and sheep.
  • PANACUR®: Broad spectrum anthelmintic, which contains fenbendazole.
  • SAFEGUARD®: Dewormer for beef and dairy cattle, which contains fenbendazole.
  • TAKTIC®: Ectoparasiticide containing amitraz for the control of ticks, mange mites, lice and keds on cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.