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Striving for better ruminant health through the sharing of knowledge and expertise

Veterinarians and farmers expect high quality products from Merck Animal Health. By introducing our Health Platforms, we invite you to discover not only our products but also the world beyond them: the services, technical support, expertise and educational programs that help you achieve uniquely effective solutions.

Herd Health Programs

Picto-Herd-HealthCreating the conditions for lasting growth can only be accomplished when the prevention of infectious diseases is treated as a herd problem and not simply as a matter of individual animals. The Herd Health platform unites our comprehensive vaccine range with expertise in herd health management in a single, integrated approach to herd protection.
Partners in Reproduction

Dairy and beef operations depend on efficient reproductive practices. The Partners in Reproduction platform accompanies veterinarians and farmers in optimizing reproduction management in cattle. We combine proven know-how with a flexible range of products to create customized reproduction programs that multiply your options.
Lung Health

Picto-LungHealthy lungs play a vital role in the life of cattle irrespective of age. Lungs that are damaged will impair the animal’s productivity with negative financial consequences. Because every breath counts in the life of the animal, we’ve created a platform combining our services and products (vaccines, anti-infectives, anti-inflammatories) integrated with our extensive experience in lung health issues.
Performance Technology

Picto-Performance-Tech-70x70Cattle producers are faced by new environmental and economic pressures that require innovative approaches to achieving performance. Our long-standing commitment to the field of performance technologies means ISPAH offers a complete portfolio that aids cattle producers to meet the beef sustainability challenges.
Neonatal Health

Picto-Neonatal-Health-70x70When a calf is reared in healthy conditions the benefits follow the animal throughout its life. Helping to ensure the highest quality of early care—and the lifelong gains that result—is the focus of our Neonatal Health platform. The specific focus offers a new area in which the veterinarian can extend his or her competencies as well as new opportunities for increased earnings for farmers.
Sheep Health

Picto-Sheep-Health-70x70Our long term participation in the ovine industry translates to a full range of products, services and expertise. This is made available through our dedicated ovine technical teams that are tuned to the the needs of veterinarians and farmers around the world. Education concerning sheep health issues is one of the key points of emphasis of this platform.
Parasite Controle

Picto-Parasite-Control-70x70Parasites, left untreated, can have a devastating effect on ruminant productivity. This is not limited to the direct effects of the parasite infestation but can entail long-term negative impact resulting in lifetime underperformance. The Parasite Control platform unites a full range of services and anti-parasitic products and strategies so that animals can reach their potential and farmers can enjoy greater gains.
Udder Health

Picto-Udder-Health-70x70Healthy udders produce the milk of highest quality. That means milk that’s free of pathogens and residues. We’ve elaborated the Udder Health platform for those whose goal is quality in every drop of milk. Veterinarians and farmers will benefit from our extensive experience and a full range of solutions to maintain or restore udder health.