Animal Health and Welfare

Our commitment to animal health and welfare is infused into everything we do. Our company sponsors animal welfare summits to share leading veterinary practices.

We advocate for the use of technological, biological and pharmaceutical solutions to ensure proper animal welfare. Our animal identification and monitoring solutions are leading the way in helping monitor the behavior of animals, potentially leading to the identification of health issues before they become more serious. Our prevention programs aim to maintain the highest levels of animal health, and our specific treatments to help animals recover from disease make sure that welfare is restored as soon as possible.

We are willing to tackle the world’s biggest animal health challenges and to protect both animal and human health following our One Health approach.

Contributing to Public Health

We provide a range of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, animal identification products and educational tools to keep companion animals and livestock animals healthy, to help ensure a stable food supply and to help control diseases that can ultimately affect the health of people.

Rabies Elimination Efforts

Canine vaccination against rabies and rabies awareness education in areas where the disease is endemic help to interrupt the transmission of rabies from dogs to people and is a key part of the global initiative to eliminate canine-mediated rabies by the year 2030.

For more than 25 years, we have supported the Afya Program, which now comprises several rabies control projects and non-profit organizations whose vaccination-based campaigns are aimed at eliminating canine-mediated rabies.

We are proud to donate vaccines, as well as our time, with Animal Health employees participating in vaccination activities. It is the goal of our Animal Health business to provide the full rabies vaccine needs of Rabies Free Africa and Mission Rabies annually.

Fostering Research for Animal Producers

Sustainable agriculture – including food producers – supports communities and helps protect food supply and requires continuous innovation to meet growing challenges and demands.

For this reason, we are a strong supporter of researchers seeking to further the field of animal science and productivity. We sponsor congresses to gather leaders in the livestock industry so that research can present scientific findings among peers to address agricultural opportunities, challenges and advancements as well as recognize outstanding researchers to further their efforts.