About Us

Our customers have always known that they can depend on Merck Animal Health for more than just medicines. They count on Merck Animal Health for information, technologies and veterinary services that truly advance animal healthcare. It is our heritage and our mission.


Today, our science supports the precious bond between people and their pets. It also helps protect international public health, ensure food safety and increase protein supplies.

Our core values

Our core values are driven by a desire to be visionary in our thinking, and ever ready to respond to our dynamic industry.

By collaborating closely with each other and our customers, we build strong partnerships in an effort to improve the health of animals around the world. We approach our work every day with a deep sense of responsibility – to our customers, consumers, animals, society and the planet.


Appreciating the fundamental role of progressive science in animal health, understanding the deep responsibility Merck Animal Health has to our customers, consumers, animals, society and the planet.


Being original in thought and approach, having the confidence and determination to come up and work with new insights, greater understanding and fresh knowledge.


Working closely, sharing understanding and inspiring one another and customers, allowing science and thinking to flourish, enabling the right balance of cost against human capability.


Aiming at being efficient, fast and flexible in all operations, responding rapidly to new opportunities and demands, an outward orientated performance culture that values talent and action.


Bringing our purpose to life.

All of my clients know that I’m in it to win it with them, and I stand behind them 100 percent.”

— Andrew Stetson, territory sales manager, U.S. Equine 

“I tell people it’s a storytelling type role where you’re really gathering the global story.”

Michael Taylor, director, Animal Health Financial Planning & Analysis 

“I feel like I have become not just a sales representative to my customers, but also a business partner.”

Lindsy Coker, senior territory representative, U.S. Companion Animal Business Unit 

“We work with the business to figure out what their issues are and then develop solutions and strategies to help.”

Suhail Mohamed, associate director, Service Delivery & Management, Animal Health IT

I am animal health is a series of stories about our people.

A Legacy of Innovation

Merck Animal Health has a rich heritage of scientific excellence and innovation. It is the foundation of our future and the inspiration for our daily work.


  • Merck Animal Health receives approval from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority and the Peruvian Ministry of Health of BRAVECTO QUANTUM™, the first and only injectable parasiticide to provide up to a full year of flea and tick protection for dogs.

  • Merck Animal Health receives Best New Food Animal Product recognition from S&P Global Animal Health for SENSEHUB® Feedlot, a technology that provides real-time data to detect potentially sick cattle earlier, more efficiently and accurately than traditional visual observation.

  • Merck Animal Health receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of an expanded indication for BANAMINE TRANSDERMAL® for the control of fever due to mastitis in dairy cattle.

  • Merck Animal Health announces availability of the canine oncology therapy, gilvetmab, to board-certified veterinary oncologists in the U.S. for treatment of dogs with mast cell tumors or melanomas.

  • Merck Animal Health receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of an expanded indication for BRAVECTO® Chews for Dogs. The new indication treats and controls Asian longhorned ticks, which are an invasive Ixodid species located across more than one-third of the U.S.

  • Merck Animal Health launches CIRCUMVENT® CML, the first ready-to-use, single-dose vaccine effective against disease caused by Porcine Circovirus Types 2a and 2d, Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and Lawsonia intracellularis in pigs, three weeks of age or older. 

  • Merck Animal Health launches FALCON® Biomass, a powerful, always-on biomass estimation unit that provides key information about average weight, distribution and growth trends to improve fish farming operations.

  • Merck Animal Health receives approval from the European Commission for INNOVAX®-ILT-IBD, a dual-construct HVT vaccine that provides long-term protection against infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT), infectious bursal disease (IBD) and Marek’s disease (MD).


  • Merck Animal Health announces findings of its third veterinarian wellbeing study in collaboration with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), including a $100,000 grant to address wellbeing and mental health development among veterinarians, technicians and staff.

  • Merck Animal Health announces SENSEHUB Feedlot, state-of-the-art technology that features an illuminating electronic ear tag that makes it easy for animal care handlers to identify and sort beef cattle needing attention with less labor and minimal disruption to other animals.

  • Merck Animal Health receives approval from the European Commission of an additional indication for the vaccine, BOVILIS® INtranasal RSP® Live, to be used for the active immunization of young calves to reduce clinical signs of respiratory disease and viral shedding from infection with BRSV and PI3, two respiratory pathogens. 

  • Merck Animal Health receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for  NUFLOR®-S (florfenicol) Injectable Solution indicated for treatment of Swine Respiratory Disease.

  • Merck Animal Health launches its line of Hyper InfusiO2n solutions designed to improve fish attraction and passage at dam facilities by efficiently supplying stable, dissolved oxygen throughout fish passageways.

  • Merck Animal Health launches the DNA TRACEBACK® Fisheries Platform, a new DNA-based analytical tool which helps governments and fishery agencies to identify the sustainable yield of wild fish stocks and our customers to more accurately identify the total allowable catch for fishermen in their region.

  • Merck Animal Health receives license approval  from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the Circumvent® CML vaccine for swine.   

  • Merck Animal Health acquires Vence, an innovator in virtual fencing solutions for rotational grazing and livestock management.

  • Merck Animal Health announces a minority investment in LeeO Precision Farming B.V., which provides a digital swine traceability solution for farmers, producers and retailers to track and analyze swine from birth throughout their lifecycle, including distribution of LeeO’s solution in selected markets.

  • Merck Animal Health opens a manufacturing facility for its animal intelligence products in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, broadening its manufacturing capacity and capabilities for identification ear tags.

  • Merck Animal Health launches the Allflex DataFlow™ II System mobile app as part of its livestock intelligence portfolio.

  • Merck Animal Health reintroduces its CORVAC-3® vaccine in the U.S. to help poultry producers combat recent outbreaks of avian coryza.


  • Merck Animal Health announces WHISPER® ON ARRIVAL, a first-of-its-kind precision tool that uses a multitude of factors to predict which cattle may be at higher risk of sickness.

  • Merck Animal Health expands its SEQUIVITY® veterinary prescription vaccine platform for sapovirus, an emerging virus causing diarrhea in young pigs.

  • Merck Animal Health launches FELAQUA® CONNECT, a water delivery and drinking monitoring system. Cat owners can track daily water intake via the SURE PETCARE™ App, while the smart water delivery system provides cats with fresh water.     

  • Merck Animal Health announces EXZOLT® as the first veterinary product centrally registered in the European Union to include animal welfare improvement in its Summary of Product Characteristics following a CVMP positive opinion in the European Union.  

  • Merck Animal Health receives approval from the European Commission of NOBIVAC® DP PLUS, a vaccine that provides protection against canine parvovirus (CPV) and canine distemper virus (CDV) during the most vulnerable stage of a puppy’s life.

  • Merck Animal Health receives approval from the European Commission of NOBIVAC® Respira Bb, an injectable vaccine to reduce clinical respiratory signs and shedding of infection caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica, one of the most widely recognized causes of canine cough.

  • Merck Animal Health launches a One Health approach to collaboratively improve health for the people and animals that share our complex and ever-changing environment.

  • Merck Animal Health was named best animal health company in North America by IHS Markit, the most widely read publication reporting on the animal health industry. The company also won the best new food animal product for WHISPER® ON ARRIVAL, the first-of-its-kind precision tool that predicts which cattle will benefit from treatment for the control of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), one of the most prevalent diseases in beef cattle.

  • Merck Animal Health launches the Allflex UTT3S ear tag applicator, bringing simplicity and ergonomics to ear tag application while maximizing animal comfort and safety.   

  • Merck Animal Health launches the Allflex Flex V2 tag, featuring the first-of-its-kind multi-function LED indicator, to allow dairy producers and veterinarians to identify cows that need attention based on Allflex monitoring data. 


  • Merck Animal Health receives CVMP positive opinion for INNOVAX®-ND-ILT in the European Union for protection against Marek’s Disease, Infectious Laryngotracheitis and Newcastle Disease.

  • Merck Animal Health receives approval from the European Commission of  NOBILIS® SALENVAC® ETC, an inactivated trivalent Salmonella vaccine for poultry.

  • Merck Animal Health introduces the INNOJECT Pro, a subcutaneous chick vaccination technology for increased accuracy of injection and greater sustainability during the vaccination process, reducing stress to chicks.

  • Merck Animal Health receives a conditional license approval for gilvetmab, a caninized monoclonal antibody for treatment of dogs with mast cell tumors or melanomas, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Center for Veterinary Biologics.

  • Merck Animal Health forms specialized operating unit, called Merck Animal Health Intelligence, to focus on animal health intelligence and data expertise.

  • Merck Animal Health acquires Quantified Ag, a data and analytics company that monitors cattle body temperature and movement in order to detect illness early.

  • Merck Animal Health acquires IdentiGEN, a leader in DNA-based  animal traceability solutions for Livestock and Aquaculture to accurately and precisely trace meat and poultry that is verifiable from fork-to-farm.

  • Merck Animal Health acquires U.S. rights to the SENTINEL® brand of combination parasiticides for Companion Animal, offering internal and external parasite protection.

  • Merck Animal Health receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for  BRAVECTO® monthly chews for dogs and puppies 8 weeks of age and older for treatment and prevention of fleas and treatment and control of ticks.

  • Merck Animal Health receives U.S. Department of Agriculture approval for NASALGEN® 3, a three-way intranasal vaccine that protects beef and dairy cattle from the most common pneumonia-causing viral pathogens.

  • Merck Animal Health receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for SHUTOUT™, an easy-to-administer teat sealant for the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period – the timeframe when cows are at the greatest risk.

  • Merck Animal Health announces results of a comprehensive study of wellbeing and mental health among U.S. veterinarians, which are critical issues facing the veterinary profession.

  • Merck Animal Health receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for PORCILIS® Ileitis for multi-dose administration to vaccinate against ileitis caused by Lawsonia intracellularis.

  • Merck Animal Health announces $100 investment in facility expansion and enhancement efforts in its DeSoto, Kansas, manufacturing operations, including technological expansion of a vaccine production facility.

  • Merck Animal Health acquires worldwide rights to VECOXAN® brand of parasiticides to prevent coccidiosis for the Ruminant portfolio, available in Europe, South Africa, South Korea and Japan.


  • Merck Animal Health receives approval from the European Commission of  PORCILIS® Lawsonia intramuscular vaccine for piglets.

  • Merck Animal Health collaborates with Rapid Genomics for exclusive rights to a  vaccination verification tool, Viral Flex-Seq®, for use in combination with INNOVAX® vaccines, to optimize and enhance disease outbreak management in poultry.

  • Merck Animal Health acquires Allflex Livestock Intelligence, Sure Petcare and Biomark, as leaders in animal health digital tracking, traceability and monitoring technology for Livestock and Companion Animal.

  • Merck Animal Health acquires Vaki, a leader in fish farming and wild fish conservation monitoring equipment and real-time video monitoring technology to advance fish health and welfare.

  • Merck Animal Health acquires Scan Aqua AS, a fish health and fish welfare company in Norway.

    • Merck Animal Health signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Nanolek for establishment of a local vaccine manufacturing facility in Russia.

    • Merck Animal Health receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for BRAVECTO® PLUS topical solution for cats, providing extended-duration, broad-spectrum coverage of internal and external parasites.


    • Merck Animal Health receives CVMP positive opinion for BRAVECTO® Plus spot-on solution for cats in the European Union for nose-to-toe parasite protection.

    • Merck Animal Health receives approval from the European Commission of an expanded indication of PANACUR® AquaSol to combat three gastrointestinal parasites in chickens. PANACUR AquaSol was originally approved in 2012 for the same indication in pigs to treat three similar types of parasites.

        • Merck Animal Health introduces the IDAL® 3G needle-free, intradermal swine vaccination device within their IDAL® way extended vaccine portfolio.

        • Merck Animal Health partners with Vinovo B.V. on novel delivery system to protect against highly infectious poultry diseases.

        • Merck Animal Health acquires animal vaccine company in China, including a manufacturing and R&D facility for expanded vaccine production.

          • Merck Animal Health introduces INNOVAX®-ND-IBD, the first live vaccine in the United States, made with biotechnology that protects against three highly infectious diseases in poultry – Newcastle Disease (ND), Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) and Marek’s Disease (MD).

            • Merck Animal Health introduces its SEQUIVITY™ Technology, a highly innovative and highly advanced RNA Particle Technology used to create flexible, safe and precise vaccine solutions to new and evolving disease challenges.

            • Merck Animal Health announces the results of a large, well-controlled study with veterinarians designed to definitively quantify the prevalence of mental illness and stress in the veterinary profession and compare the findings to previous studies and the general U.S. population.


            • Merck Animal Health acquires Prondil S.A., a privately held company in Uruguay specializing in development and manufacturing of animal health vaccines for livestock.

            • Merck Animal Health acquires Vilsan Pharmaceuticals, a privately held producer of animal health products in Turkey, notably for ruminants.

            • Merck Animal Health acquires Vallée, a privately held producer of animal health products in Brazil.

            • Merck Animal Health announces its Whisper Veterinary Stethoscope System, a tool specifically designed to evaluate lung disease severity for more accurate diagnosis of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD).


            • Merck Animal Health receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval and CVMP positive opinion for BRAVECTO® for both cats and dogs in the European Union, up to 12 weeks of treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks.

              • Merck Animal Health becomes the first company to receive U.S. Department of Agriculture approval for NOBIVAC® Canine Influenza H3N2 Vaccine (CIV) to protect dogs against the newly identified strain of CIV.

              • Publication of the 11th edition of The Merck Veterinary Manual, a comprehensive reference that covers the diversity of species and animal diseases worldwide. Here you can access the Merck Veterinary Manual.    


              • Merck Animal Health receives a conditional product license from U.S. Department of Agriculture for NOBIVAC® Canine Influenza H3N2 Vaccine (CIV).

              • Merck Animal Health acquires Harrisvaccines, a privately held company that develops, manufactures and sells vaccines for food production and companion animal.


              • Merck Animal Health receives U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of BRAVECTO®, the first chewable tablet for dogs for up to 12 weeks of treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks.

              • Merck Animal Health receives approval of PORCILIS® PCV M Hyo vaccine, Europe’s first single-shot vaccine to protect piglets from Porcine Circovirus Type 2 and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae infections.


              • The operating name of Merck’s animal health unit changes to Merck Animal Health (MSD Animal Health outside the USA and Canada).


              • Development of SPHEREON® freeze-drying technology for vaccines (Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health).

              • Merck & Co., Inc., acquires Schering-Plough. Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health becomes the animal health division of Merck, including HomeAgain®, a leader in microchip and pet recovery services.


              • Schering-Plough acquires Organon Biosciences (Intervet and Organon) from AKZO NOBEL. The animal health division operates as Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health.


              • Harrisvaccines was founded in Iowa (United States).


              • Launch of SLICE® fish antiparasitic for the treatment of sea lice in salmon (Schering-Plough Animal Health).

              • Licensure of the first live bacterial recombinant vaccine against strangles in horses in the EU (Intervet).

              • Introduction of PORCILIS® Pesti, the first marker vaccine for classical swine fever (Intervet).


              • Merck and French pharmaceutical company Rhone-Merieux (later Sanofi) combine their animal health divisions in an equally owned joint venture named Merial.


              • Development of florfenicol, a novel phenicol antibiotic exclusive to animal health (Schering-Plough Animal Health).

              • Introduction of antiparasitic SCALIBOR®, a dog collar to prevent Leishmaniasis from sand fly bites (Intervet).


              • Development of first recombinant DNA vaccine (PORCILIS® Porcoli against diarrhea in piglets) by Intervet.


              • Introduction of anti-inflammatory drug for horses (Schering-Plough Animal Health).

              • Intervet develops anthelmintic fenbendazole, which is still used today against parasites, such as roundworms and hookworms, that are found in the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts of chickens.

              • Intervet launches products for reproduction management in farm animals.


              • Netherlands-based “Koninklijke Zwanenburg Organon” (which later became AKZO NOBEL) acquires Intervet.


              • Publication of first edition of The Merck Veterinary Manual.


              • Schering-Plough Animal Health is established and comes to market with prednisone to treat ketosis in dairy cattle.

              • Intervet develops first fowl pox vaccine for poultry.


              • Feed manufacturer Wim Hendrix lays the foundation for Intervet in Boxmeer, The Netherlands, where the Animal Health headquarters of todays’ company remained until 2012.


              • Merck establishes an Animal Health division and discovers sulfaquinoxaline, the first poultry coccidiostat.

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