Policies and Positions


Merck Animal Health firmly supports the responsible use of antibiotics to improve and maintain the health of animals. Antibiotics are life-saving veterinary products that treat bacterial infections in companion and food-producing animals. Their use in veterinary medicine also benefits humans by reducing the spread of disease between animals and humans; and helping facilitate a safe, efficient and sustainable food supply.

Addressing a Global Public Health Threat

Ethical Treatment of Animals

Our company is dedicated to the ethical and responsible treatment of all animals used in the development of medicines and vaccines. Decisions regarding animal care, use and welfare are made by balancing scientific knowledge and regulatory requirements with consideration of ethical and societal values.

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One Health

One Health refers to a collaborative, multisectoral, and multi-disciplinary approach that recognizes the interconnection between people, animals and the environment—with the goal of achieving optimal health outcomes.

Our company fully supports taking a One Health approach to collaboratively improve health for the people and animals that share our complex and ever-changing environment. We are uniquely positioned, with our human and animal health businesses both rooted in strong science, to help lead and guide discussions about One Health issues.

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Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends from our responsible management of natural resources, to our sustainable manufacturing practices, to providing innovative products and solutions to our customers and stakeholders that improve the health and well-being of animals—and thereby help them achieve their own sustainability goals.

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Plasma-Based Products

Plasma-based products are used for both human and animal health and provide therapeutic benefits for a range of conditions. The safety and well-being of all animals is our first priority at Merck Animal Health. We only select partners that share these same values, and they are required to operate by the Merck Code of Conduct.

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