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A Purpose-Driven Partnership

Sharing information is one of the best ways we can help customers better manage and care for their animals. In 1955 we published the first edition of the now world-famous Merck Veterinary Manual. Ever since, our practice of sharing knowledge and expertise has lived on.

Integrating products and emerging technologies is more efficient and cost-effective for our partners. Our dedicated swine health service RESPIG, for example, provides cutting-edge insights into complex respiratory diseases, vaccines and ways to limit stock losses.

Most importantly our holistic approach is embedded right into how each arm of our company operates. Animal diseases rarely occur in isolation. In poultry for example, respiratory problems are often complicated by a whole host of other factors – like their vaccination schedule. Eradicating disease takes a carefully crafted program that tackles them all.

So, at Merck Animal Health, our veterinarians, scientists and business experts work together in teams centered around significant categories of disease, not just single products. It means they're free to dive deep into what really influences the spread and virulence of pathogens. This cross-fertilization across research areas helps us accelerate the development of complete animal health solutions.

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