Why We Innovate

At the heart of Merck Animal Health’s poultry team is a hunger for discovery and a desire to find new ways to solve problems so that we may add value to our customers’ jobs and play our part in raising healthier animals. Innovation provides a gateway to evolve industry practices, and Merck Animal Health has never stopped innovating to provide first-in-class solutions for veterinarians, farmers and producers.

“We need to be a step ahead. We need to be anticipating all the needs that the industry may have in the coming years, so we need to think outside the box.”

-Fernando Vargas, Regional Marketing Director, Poultry

“What motivates me is talking to people, helping with training and helping to develop studies that involve applied research. It’s so diverse.”

-Alex Reilley, Technical Services Veterinarian, Poultry

“The industry is still growing; flocks, hatcheries, and farms will be coming bigger, so there is a need for more information. Merck Animal Health is prepared to grow with the industry and bring suitable products.”

-Rik Koopman, Global Technical Director, Poultry

“One of the biggest problems that a hatchery manager faces is being blamed for whatever goes wrong in the first 7 days with baby chicks. It isn’t always the hatchery manager’s fault. We believe everyone works together much better when we know where the problem’s coming from.”

-Linnea Newman, Global Technical Director, Poultry