Immunosuppressive diseases are detrimental to animal health and can weaken the immune defenses of poultry, leaving them susceptible to other diseases. Merck Animal Health provides products and services to help poultry producers better deploy the best solutions for sustainable long-term poultry health and performance.

Below are a few of our key products related to dynamic immunity.

  • INNOVAX®: Range of vaccines that includes live virus vector vaccines, offering protection against Marek’s Disease, Newcastle Disease (ND) and infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT).
  • NOBILIS® IBDV RANGE: Comprehensive line of vaccines to protect chickens against Infectious Bursal Disease or Gumboro Disease. Visit our Gumboro website to learn more.
  • NOBILIS RISMAVAC®: Family of vaccines for the vaccination of chickens against the very virulent Marek’s Disease.
  • REO VACCINE RANGE: range consisting of live (NOBILIS® REO 1133 and ENTEROVAX®) and inactivated (NOBILIS® REO inac) vaccines to prevent reovirus-induced tenosynovitis (viral arthritis) and reduce malabsorption syndrome problems.

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