Make Vaccination Easy With Sphereon®

As a responsible animal health company, Merck Animal Health is committed to reducing the environmental effects of its operations and providing environmentally-friendly solutions.

Sphereon® technology is a revolutionary alternative to vaccines in vials that freeze dries viral vaccines into small, highly soluble spheres, making it easier and faster to prepare the vaccine. Sphereon provides the same strong protection against damaging and highly infectious diseases as traditional vaccine administration.

Sphereon comes in easy-to-open aluminum containers that reduce the potential for user injury and are available in different presentations and dosing sizes. Poultry producers simply dissolve the spheres in water and administer it to chickens via spray, eye drop or drinking water. This allows producers to properly dose a flock without needing to open hundreds of vaccine vials. Sphereon’s recyclable aluminum container also eliminates the need for individual glass vials or blister packs, reducing waste materials and other sustainability issues.

Sphereon is compatible with leading vaccines in Merck Animal Health’s existing poultry portfolio, giving producers an innovative administration option for established and proven vaccines.