Because of the multiple roles the respiratory system plays, even minor impairment of functionality can impact an animal’s wellbeing and performance. Helping veterinarians and farmers manage respiratory health of their flock is a major priority at Merck Animal Health.

Below are a few of our key products related to respiratory protection.

  • INNOVAX®: Range of vaccines that includes live virus vector vaccines, offering protection against Marek’s Disease, Newcastle Disease (ND) and infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT).
  • NOBILIS® IB VACCINES: Comprehensive line of vaccines for active immunization of poultry against disease caused by the Infectious Bronchitis virus. The NOBILIS® IB family contains vaccines for protection against several serotypes, like (but not limited to) serotypes 4/91, Massachusetts Ma5, or related types. Nobilis IB Ma5 +Nobilis IB 4/91 are the effective pair from the Protectotype approach. Protectotype is our solution for broad protection against Infectious Bronchitis and is part of our Convenience program
  • NOBILIS® ND VACCINES: Live vaccines, like Nobilis ND Clone 30 and Nobilis NDC2 for the active immunization of chickens to reduce mortality and clinical signs resulting from infection with Newcastle Disease.

Visit our website about infectious bronchitis if you want to learn more.

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