Reproductive performance is a major factor affecting the production and economic efficiency of cattle operations, whether in milk, replacement animals or calves for fattening.

As experts in reproduction management, Merck Animal Health provides a broad range of solutions, protecting the livelihood of farms.

Below is a brief overview of key products the reproductive platform has to offer.

  • CRESTAR®: Implant and injection containing Norgestomet to use as part of an estrus synchronization program in cows and heifers.
  • ESTRUMATE®: Prostaglandin analogue for cattle used to induce luteolysis in beef and dairy cattle.
  • FERTAGYL®: Hormone indicated for the treatment of ovarian follicular cysts in dairy cattle.
  • METRICURE®: Intra-uterine injector for treatment of endometritis in cattle.
  • RECEPTAL®: Solution for the treatment of reduced fertility by ovarian dysfunction, induction of ovulation and improvement of conception rate in cows.