As a key player in the ovine health segment, Merck Animal Health offers a broad range of health management solutions that sustain sheep well-being and improve the health of the flock.

The products in our sheep health platform include vaccines, antiparasitics, anti-infectives and reproductive hormones, which embodies our long-term commitment to the sheep industry.

Below is a brief overview of key products the sheep health platform has to offer.

  • BRAVOXIN™ 10: Vaccine for active immunization of sheep and cattle, and passive immunization of lambs and calves, against diseases caused by several clostridial species.
  • BUTOX®: For prevention and treatment of flies, lice, keds and ticks on cattle and sheep.
  • COVEXIN™ RANGE: Bacterin-Toxoid vaccine for vaccination of healthy cattle and sheep against diseases caused by several clostridial species.
  • FOOTVAX®: Multi-strain ovine footrot bacterin for the prevention and treatment of footrot in sheep.
  • PANACUR®: Broad spectrum anthelmintic, which contains fenbendazole.