Supporting a Sustainable Food Supply

The United Nations estimates that by 2050 there will be an additional two billion people in the world. To feed them, we will need to help animal producers become more efficient and more sustainable, which is why our company is committed to helping create a sustainable, affordable and safe food supply through the protection of animal health.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) estimates that animal disease reduces global food production by at least 20 percent.1 It is crucial that food-producing animals remain healthy and are raised efficiently to meet global demands for sustainable protein.

Our portfolio of Animal Health products and services is focused on helping farmers keep their livestock healthy and productive. Targeted intervention with vaccines, anti-parasitic medicines, anti-infectives and other veterinary medicines and services helps protect the health and well-being of animals and preserves a sustainable food supply.

Fostering Research for Animal Producers

Sustainable agriculture – including food producers – supports communities and helps protect food supply. But it requires continuous innovation to meet growing challenges and demands.

For this reason, we are a strong supporter of researchers seeking to further the field of animal science and productivity. We sponsor High Quality Pork, High Quality Poultry and High Quality Aquaculture Congresses around the world. These Congresses are unique opportunities for researchers to present their scientific findings among peers in the pursuit of addressing agricultural opportunities, challenges and advancements. In addition, to support ongoing advancements in agricultural science, we present awards at each event to outstanding researchers to help further their efforts.

We strive to support future innovators in the agriculture industry in other ways as well.

For example, in Australia and New Zealand, we support the Zanda McDonald Award, which was created to honor one of Australia’s leading cattle ranchers. In partnership with other businesses, this highly competitive award supports top researchers in the region to progress in their field and advances their research with a monetary award and a suite of professional development tools, including mentorship from agricultural leaders.