Connecting Animals and People for a Smarter Future

Animal health intelligence is rapidly emerging as a high-growth sector within the animal health industry. The pioneering work within Merck Animal Health links animal identification and traceability to animal monitoring technology and capabilities. This applied technology allows the company and its brands to deliver real-time, actionable data and insights to customers in order to help, improve or enhance animal management and health outcomes. The company is helping to shape the future of animal health and set new industry standards in veterinary medicine, focused on using innovative, cutting-edge science to improve the health and well-being of animals and the people who take care of them.

Animal Pharm magazine ( featured the article, Antelliq’s role as a first-mover in technology gives it significant advantage, which highlights the digital technology expertise within the company. Editor Joseph Harvey spoke with Eli Kamhine, Chief Technology Officer of Antelliq Innovation Center, about the major differentiators for companies in the digital animal health arena.