Fish for the Future

Beef and chicken often come to mind when people think about protein. But with the world’s population growing, the need for more sources of protein like seafood increases too.

“Fish provide an excellent source of protein, vitamins, minerals and heart-healthy fats,” says Luc Grisez, Executive Director, Global Aquaculture Research and Development. “The challenge is to prevent deadly diseases that can compromise animal well-being and threaten entire fish farms and the food supply.”

Merck Animal Health is the world’s largest developer and marketer of medicines and vaccines that help treat and prevent diseases, especially in salmon and tilapia.

Keeping Fish Healthy

Approximately 600 aquatic species are raised via aquaculture, according to the World Ocean Review Report. Keeping these fish healthy is no small task for fish farmers. Vaccinating early helps to reduce the need to treat with antibiotics when fish get sick.

Fish may receive vaccinations in a single-dose application, such as with an injection vaccine providing protection against several diseases in a single shot at an early stage in the fish’s life-cycle or through immersion or oral vaccine application. For example, in salmon, the fish can be vaccinated during the first year of life in the fresh-water phase, before they are transferred to the sea-water phase of the farming cycle where they are likely to encounter the pathogens.

Science-based Sustainability

In addition to vaccines and medicines to help keep fish healthy, Merck Animal Health provides technical support to farmers in the main salmon and tilapia growing regions where aquaculture helps feed the world. Our global technical service specialists train farm personnel to implement and maintain farming practices that will keep fish healthy today and in the future.