Allflex Livestock Intelligence and Midwest MicroSystems Introduce Seamless Information Exchange For Beef Farmers

Cow-Calf Producers Better Able to Manage Cattle and Labor Resources

DALLAS, TEXAS, Oct. 29, 2019 – Allflex Livestock Intelligence and Midwest MicroSystems, LLC, two leading animal and herd management solution providers, today announced a seamless exchange of information flow between their independent technologies of SenseHub® Beef Monitoring System and Cow Sense NxGen™, respectively. This value-added technology combines the 24/7 herd monitoring benefits from Allflex Livestock Intelligence with on-ranch herd management information provided by Midwest MicroSystems.

Cow-calf producers now have an integrated, comprehensive beef cow monitoring system along with robust herd management capabilities to better manage their cattle and labor resources with no duplication of data entry.

“We’re pleased to combine our beef cow monitoring solutions with Midwest MicroSystems herd management systems to help producers realize additional value in their cattle and resources,” said Andy Dorn, Beef Product Manager for Allflex Livestock Intelligence North America. “Our eSense™ monitoring tags and antenna systems are redefining how beef producers manage their cows remotely with information readily available on their phone or computer.”

“Consumers’ increasing demand for beef quality assurance and verification of management practices require good herd record-keeping,” said Tim Davis, Vice President, Midwest MicroSystems. “We are proud to partner with Allflex Livestock Intelligence, a leader in animal identification and monitoring systems, to provide Cow Sense users with a proven method for monitoring estrus, health and overall well-being.”

About Midwest MicroSystems, LLC

Midwest MicroSystems is dedicated to improving the profitability and success of its customers. The company’s core products are designed for the beef industry, including the industry leading Cow Sense Herd Management suite of products. Visit or call 800-584-0040 for more information.

About Allflex Livestock Intelligence   

Allflex Livestock Intelligence is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing and delivery of solutions for animal identification, monitoring and traceability. Our data-driven solutions are used by farmers, companies and countries to manage hundreds of millions of animals worldwide. By putting intelligent, actionable management information into farmers’ hands, our solutions empower them to act in a timely manner to safeguard their animals’ health and wellbeing, while achieving optimal production outcomes for a healthy food supply. Allflex Livestock Intelligence is a Livestock portfolio of digital products within Merck Animal Health.

As the largest provider of animal identification technology, we meet growing customer needs by providing over 500 million tagsfor identifying, tracking and monitoring animals every year and we monitor over 5.5 million cows daily, which allows access to real-time, actionable data and insights to help improve or enhance animal management and health outcomes.

With over 60 years of experience and around 1,900 team members worldwide, we have a global network of experts, each with a great depth of experience and unparalleled knowledge, who provide a valuable resource to farmers, companies and countries. Allflex Livestock Intelligence has manufacturing and technology subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Israel, South America, China, Australia and New Zealand. Our products are distributed in over 100 countries.

Through its commitment to The Science of Healthier Animals®, Merck Animal Health offers veterinarians, farmers, pet owners and governments one of the widest ranges of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and health management solutions and services as well as an extensive suite of digitally connected identification, traceability and monitoring products. Merck Animal Health is dedicated to preserving and improving the health, well-being and performance of animals and the people who care for them.

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