Highlighting Our Commitment to Healthy Animals and a Healthy Planet on World Environment Day

54,500+ trees and counting

Keeping animals healthy is our key focus, but we go well beyond that. We also are committed to environmental responsibility and a healthier planet. To support this commitment, we partner with environmentally focused organizations, and we strive to deliver planet-friendly veterinary medicines and packaging to help preserve our world and the communities where we live and work.

Cleaner Air, One Tree at a Time

Planting trees is a great way to restore the Earth’s natural resources. Through the Tree Planting Initiative with WeForest, we have supported the planting of more than 54,500 trees on three continents since 2016. WeForest is an international nonprofit association engaged in large-scale sustainable reforestation and reduction in plastic pollution.

Together with WeForest and the poultry veterinarians and producers who use our products, we are helping to reduce our carbon imprint and preserve our planet for future generations.

Our employees are passionate about doing their part too. Many of our offices distribute trees and seeds for employees to plant in their own gardens.

Less Waste, Better packaging

One way we help keep the environment healthy is by minimizing waste. Environmentally friendly solutions, like our freeze-dried live vaccine spheres and 100% recyclable packaging, are some of the ways we are working toward a cleaner future.

SPHEREON is a novel vaccine formulation technology for the storage and preparation of live poultry vaccines. This revolutionary technology freeze-dries live vaccines into small, highly soluble spheres that dissolve quickly and completely in water, with no residue, making it easier and less wasteful to administer. Poultry farmers can conveniently administer the vaccine via a spray, eye drop or drinking water.

The vaccine is packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum cups instead of traditional glass vials, making it more efficient for poultry farmers and supporting the environment with limited, recyclable packaging.

Let’s Go Exploring

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