Improved fish attraction, passage, and survival

Merck Animal Health’s Hyper InfusiO2n™ solutions deliver stable, dissolved oxygen to improve fish attraction, passage, and survival through hydropower systems.

Our Hyper InfusiO2n solutions remove nitrogen and trace gases and replaces them with available, dissolved oxygen at a one-to-one rate. Consequently, water can reach oxygen supersaturation without significantly altering total gas pressure (TGP). Considering infusion delivers dissolved, available oxygen without significantly raising TGP, our Hyper InfusiO2n solutions deliver dissolved oxygen with superior stability compared to traditional diffusion methods, particularly in turbulent and warm water environments.

Strategic injection of infused oxygen at hydropower facilities is demonstrated to improve attraction and passage at fish ladders. In one case study, strategic injection of dissolved oxygen at four points facilitated elevated dissolved oxygen levels throughout the ladder and for a half kilometer plume downstream, improving attraction to the ladder entrance. Following installation, survival through the ladder increased over tenfold and fish condition was visibly improved.


  • Increased dissolved oxygen without significant changes to total gas pressure
  • Scalable, modular, & easily integrated containerized solutions
  • Pre-installation consulting and maintenance contracts from a team of mechanical and hydraulic engineers, fish biologists, and aquatic veterinarians


  • Increased DO2 without significantly altered TGP
    • Improved DO2 stability in turbulent environments
    • Improved fish attraction to ladder entrance
  • Improved passage
    • Reduced fallback and re-ascension
    • Improved mitigation for warmer temperatures
  • Relative to competing technologies
    • Improved transfer efficiency & reduced operating cost
    • Reduced attraction flow requirements

Case Study: Strategic injection throughout a fish ladder in North America improved attraction and passage.